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Raising Global Citizens

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

When I was 28 years old I was offered a very cool job in New York, but, although I had visited the Big Apple, I had never lived there and the idea of moving there scared me.

Luckily, I had a very cool job in San Francisco with Francis Coppola's Zoetrope Studios, so it was easy to turn down New York. But I know the real reason I turned down New York. It was because I was afraid of all the unknowns. Five years later I had spent plenty of time in New York, the fear was gone, and I could have taken that job. By then though, I had a wonderful husband and my first child, Hana.

When Hana was born, I already knew that I wanted to raise a person who would be comfortable in any culture, in any country around the world. A person who, unlike me, could, without fear, take a job in a new city. Unlike the three fairies bestowing gifts of beauty, song and a kiss from prince charming to break a sleeping spell, I hoped my child, and later children, would:

  • find arts, sports, skills, literature, and friends they loved to help them develop inner resources;

  • understand popular culture in the United States but not be subjugated to it;

  • be independent thinkers and people, because my husband and I both believe that you can’t have a good relationship with someone else until you have a good relationship with yourself; and

  • be comfortable anywhere in the world - true global citizens.

My husband and I have been wildly successful with these goals. All three of our daughters, raised in Los Angeles, are fearless travelers and have worked in:

Cochabamba, Bolivia

London, United Kingdom

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bonn, Germany

Kunming, China

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mpumalanga, South Africa

Chiapas, Mexico

And have lived in:

Bologna, Italy

Reykjavik, Iceland

Sapporo, Japan

Lund, Sweden

Oxford, England

Bristol, England

Manchester, United Kingdom name a few places. I need to ask them if they felt afraid when they headed off to these parts unknown. I think it was more a feeling of anticipation. I'll check and let you know.

The photo is of my three daughters walking arm-in-arm along a street in Bristol, England.


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