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Can you hear me? The phone plan for International Travel

Updated: Jan 24

I'm still a big fan of Google Fi as a phone carrier if you like to use an Android, specifically a Pixel phone, it's great, but now that I've returned to an Apple iPhone I have switched to T-Mobile to get great domestic as well as international service.

Most U.S. cell phone providers don’t provide a service that you can use globally unless you are willing to spend a small fortune or are lucky enough to be on an expense account. Google Fi delivers cell phone service anywhere you may roam. Plus, Fi is fabulously affordable and seamless to use between countries. I always felt a little perk of happiness when I landed in a country, like Iceland for instance, and my phone said, “Welcome to Google Iceland!” I have been delighted with my service be it in England or India.

To give you an illustration of the cost differential: my Google Fi bill for four months in Europe in 2021 was $115.00. My husband who uses AT&T spent $400.00. Amazing, eh?

For a long time, Google Fi did not play well with Apple iPhones. In 2023, I moved my Fi service to my iPhone and quickly learned that Fi was still quirky on the iPhone in ways it hadn't been on the Pixel. That’s when I switched carriers to T-Mobile, which I used during a December 2023 trip to Germany. If you travel frequently to far off places and pay for your phone out of your own pocket (i.e., you don’t have a business phone), you might want to consider switching to T-Mobile. It worked well and cost me no more than if I stayed home.


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